The development of English from its beginning to the present. This course is recommended for students planning to attend graduate school in English.

Designed to satisfy the general education requirement in English literature, this course will explore major works in the mystery tradition: works covered will include classic mystery writers, such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, as well as works by modern practitioners of this popular but important genre. Students will get a background in the history of this type of novel as well as practice performing literary analysis.

A survey of western literature from the Neo-classical period to modernism.

Select your novels from the list as soon as possible.  Begin reading.  And, keep reading.  You may begin now if you choose.

A survey of the various forms of literature with emphasis on a close reading of the text. Particular attention is given to the expression of student ideas in both written and oral forms.

Expository writing, ranging from single paragraph to essays of some length and complexity; study of the logical, rhetorical, and linguistic structures of expository prose; the methods and conventions of preparing research papers; and argumentation. Full-time students who have not completed ENG 1010-1020 or the equivalent must enroll in the appropriate course in that sequence.