This course is designed for students who recently declared a major in OR is considering physical education teaching licensure. Throughout the course, students will engage in meaningful activities and necessary instruction to become better prepared for future PED core classes, as well as a professional career in a physical activity setting. Emphasis is placed on classroom management, strategies, state and national standards, organizational skills task presentation and content development.

Analysis of tests and measurements in physical education. Emphasis on the selection, administration, evaluation, and methods of using results of various tests.

A study of the governing bodies in sport and how they effect its organization, rules, and prescribed administration of the program. Issues will include the evolution of the rules in sport and the parameters of their administration.

This course is designed to explore and apply the basic concepts and principles of physical fitness and wellness through a variety of physical activities. Emphasis is placed on wellness through the study of nutrition, weight management, stress management, individual needs-based activity plan, and safety education.

This course includes a basic understanding of attitude and practices that contribute to better physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health.