The course establishes a springboard for the student to enter the next phase of artistic development (i.e., professional art school, graduate school, commercial or freelance career) through intense investigation of production and aesthetic problems in art. The student will work independently on a body of work and his/her philosophical initiative, as well as participate in group context for critique, guest lectures, field trips, and exhibitions. The course is specified for art majors of senior status who have completed a minimum of 27 hours required toward the major and who submit an acceptable entry portfolio of work. The structure of this course is variable to accommodate relevant learning opportunities beyond the scope of the college classroom. The student will have responsibility for all aspects of his/her senior exit exhibit at the end of each term.

This course will give students a hands-on experience with all levels of activities related to the exhibition of artwork in a professional art gallery.

A hands-on exploration of the computer, using PhotoShop and Illustrator techniques, as well as an introduction to basic composition and digital history. The format of the class will be primarily lecture/lab, with the majority of the class devoted to lab.

This course covers the basic elements and principles of papermaking as both a Craft and a Fine Art. This will take place in the form of lectures, discussions and critiques with an emphasis on hands-on projects.

This course investigates the idea of form and function in relation to the creation of Artist's Books. The projects will cover a variety of book making methods and media, exploring the handmade book both as a technical craft and as a creative art form.

An introductory course to the basics of printmaking, covering a variety of printmaking media. The format of this class will primarily be a lecture/lab.

Fundamentals of painting with projects including painting from still life, the figure, landscape, and innovative subject matter. Emphasis on form, composition, texture, color, value, and techniques of application.